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  • Out of our heads and into our hearts

    Time to let it all out… First… This Facebook post sums up a lot of my thoughts, but I feel I need to expand a bit more. Ok… It’s Monday of a short week and no one is focusing on work anyway, so I am starting a discussion. The purpose of this is NOT for people to rant, but offer contributions that can help us all. I have noticed for a while now many guys have a difficult time handling/communicating feelings. Chatting with a friend I realized it makes perfect sense. From childhood girls hurt themselves and are told, “oh, honey, it’s ok” and boys are told, “get up and shake it off.” As males grow up it is reinforced by “don’t ...

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  • I’m Still Here

  • "Love Is Never Wrong" – Picturing Guys Twogether

  • Why the Word “Marriage” Matters

  • Anal Acrobats Promo Code

    Ladies and gents, EvilAngel Network is more than proud to present the spectacular Anal Acrobats, and the hardcore acrobatics that they can do for you! This membership deal is the kind that you want because several things are promised to you even before you are done with the tour page. First, it is always about anal, buttholes, asses, gaping, and stretching of the assholes for entertainment. That is the biggest focus that they have here. Once inside you get to see the kind of professional production that the network offers inside this website. New 87% off Anal Acrobats Discount 30 days for $9.95 and One Year for $5.25/mo. The network of course has the stunning reputation of impressive award winning productions. They are leaders and not followers, ...

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  • Cool Erectile Dysfunction Info-graphic

  • An Honest Mixtape: Your Tea / Coffee / Cocoa / Toddyby Be…

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