Did You Know Poverty Is Sexist?

A new 60-second film by the ONE Campaign explores how women are kept in the cycle of poverty with a single word. Article by Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

Ashton Kutcher, Clarence Thomas, Amsterdam, Cristiano Ronaldo, Adam Lambert: HOT LINKS

SHAUN KING. Trump is a wife beater who surrounds himself with wife beaters: “Donald Trump, chief White House strategist Steve Bannon, and his now vanquished choice for labor secretary, Andrew Puzder, have one deeply disturbing thing in common: Each of them have had wives who accused them of physical assaults.” FLORIDA. Donald Trump holding rally this weekend, and here’s how YOU can attend, resisters. “If you want to … [Read More...]

9th Circuit Upholds Suspension of Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has unanimously upheld the suspension of Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban… Here’s the ruling. The Washington Post reports: The Justice Department, representing the Trump administration, could now ask the Supreme Court — which often defers to the president on matters of immigration and national security — to intervene. The Supreme Court, though, remains one justice short, and many see it as … [Read More...]

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9 totally believable scandals that will blow your mind

The truth is stranger than fiction these days — the last year has proven as much. So at the rate things are going, would you really be all that surprised if, say, the White House was compromised by Scientologists planning to use our nukes to clear the Thetans? OK, so maybe these fictitious scandals are a little farfetched, but we’ll keep an eye out for developments in any case. Who knows? Maybe your unhinged uncle will be ranting … [Read More...]

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Opera Review: “Rusalka”

To make a longish story short, Rusalka is a tragic operatic Czech variation on The Little Mermaid. It also takes elements of the older fairy tale novella Undine (and all three have roots in the medieval legend of Melusine). There’s also a strong musical influence from Wagner here too – and not just musical: The opera opens with a trio of water spirits teasing a gnomish creature, exactly the same opening as Wagner’s Das Rheingold. It … [Read More...]

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OMG, his butt: The OA’s Patrick Gibson

Nothin better than a hot ginger to end your week off! Check out The OA‘s Patrick Gibson‘s hot temper (among other things) after the NSFW jump! CLICK TO ENLARGE! The post OMG, his butt: The OA’s Patrick Gibson appeared first on !! omg blog !! [the original, since 2003]. Article by !! omg blog !! [the original, since 2003]. Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

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Hilarious Kellyanne Conway “buy Ivanka’s stuff” memes are blowing up the Internet

Professional liar Kellyanne Conway stepped in it this week when she went on Fox & Friends to encourage Americans to buy Ivanka Trump’s crappy clothes made by poor factory workers in third world countries after Nordstrom announced it would no longer be carrying the First Daughter’s products. “It’s a wonderful line,” Conway touted. “I own some of it. I fully–I’m going to give a free commercial here. Go buy it today, everybody! You … [Read More...]


JOR 0119 Mediterraneo G-String Bikini

The JOR Mediterraneo G-String Bikini is low rise and super lean cut, giving you an extra cheeky look in the back that's not only sexy, but also perfect for layering under tight pants for a barely-there look. Customer Reviews There are no customer reviews for this item. … [Read More...]

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Laikakingdom Rough High Heel Unique Grenadine Rivet Decorated Peep-toe Shoes

Brand Name:Laikakingdom. Each pair of carefully polished.Every process embodies the shoe-making craftsman.The material of high quality, make your foot comfortable and feeling Fashionable and beautiful. New style designed special for 2015.The shoes are made of high quality material.This style must be best and lucky choose for your new year business and also best gift to your best friends. The package will be send out via USPS in 48 hours and … [Read More...]

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Sia Posts Heartwrenching Response to Kanye West’s Fur-Filled Fashion Show

Sia Posts Heartwrenching Response to Kanye West’s Fur-Filled Fashion Show Sia cares about animals, and she wants Kanye West to as well. West’s Yeezy Season 5 fashion show on Wednesday was chock-full of fur. Sia responded with a heartwrenching video and tweet asking the designer to re-think his ways. “Dear @kanyewest would you consider going fur free? This is the reality of fur for fashion – it’s so sad,” she tweeted with a … [Read More...]

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You’ll Love This Sexy Guy’s Recreations of Iconic Pop Divas (Photos)

You’ll Love This Sexy Guy’s Recreations of Iconic Pop Divas (Photos) Everyone knows that when you pair pop-culture divas with talented photographers, you get timeless images. Just consider Jean Paul Goude’s famous 1985 photo of Grace Jones holding a mic while standing semi-nude on one leg, or his 2014 pic of bootylicious Kim Kardashian popping champagne onto her posterior. They’re inherently memorable and became instantly … [Read More...]


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I’m Still Here

Chris and me at Golden Ears Provincial ParkI know. I know. I haven't published something here in a long time (my … [Read More...]

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