US Gymnast Danell Leyva Strips Down at Rio 2016 (and Ukraine Follows Suit) – WATCH

Two-time silver medalist and LGBT ally Danell Leyva gave gymnastics fans in Rio a bit of a treat yesterday when he stripped down in the middle of a routine. Leyva was performing in the gymnastics gala, an event that awards no medals and is merely for fun, when he decided to give the audience something besides his stunning athleticism to look at: his bare flesh. PREVIOUSLY: U.S. Gymnast Danell Leyva is a Show-off, But No One’s Complaining Team USA … [Read More...]

Comedian Eric Andre: I’m Bisexual, We All Are

EXCLUSIVE interview with Eric Andre of Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show. Towleroad’s Mark Allen asks about the star’s LGBT fan base, his timely brand of comedy, and the question, “Is Eric Andre bisexual?” You’ve probably seen Eric Andre’s face lately on posters for the new fourth season of The Eric Andre Show (pictured in a destroyed television studio), or Instagram photos of him lapping his tongue under … [Read More...]

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NCAA College Star Derrick Gordon Says NBA Didn’t Give Him A Shot Because He’s Gay

Derrick Gordon, via Outsports, YouTube. Derrick Gordon made history in 2014 as the first openly gay male basketball player on an NCAA Division I team to play a game. He is also the first player to play in the NCAA tournament with three different teams, Western Kentucky, UMass, and Seton Hall. But he won’t be moving on to the NBA as many expected. He did not receive a single NBA tryout, and Gordon believes that is because he came out as … [Read More...]

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News: Lypsinka sings! Out of drag at Joe’s Pub today and Wednesday

In an evening that encompasses a personal and rarified experience of moving to and living in New York City, John Epperson – the real person behind Lypsinka – will take the stage in John Epperson: The Artist Principally Known as Lypsinka for four nights only at Joe’s Pub at The Public. With a nod to the urbane cabaret style of Bobby Short, Epperson’s evening embraces classic entertainment filled with stories, tunes, and a few … [Read More...]

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OMG, WATCH: It’s the ten WORST product placements in music videos ever

We’ve all seen them! I mean – Hilary Duff‘s Tindr video!? PLENTY OF FISH placements!? Beats by Dre? The list goes on! Check them out above! The post OMG, WATCH: It’s the ten WORST product placements in music videos ever appeared first on !! omg blog !! [the original, since 2003]. Article by !! omg blog !! [the original, since 2003]. Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

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“Careful What You Wish For,” “The Lobster,” “Holding The Man,” & More!

These are strange days indeed, and our home entertainment highlights offer a bit of respite… and different sort of weirdness. Colin Farrell will turn into a crustacean unless he finds a lover in off-kilter fantasy-dramedy The Lobster, while the fifteen-year relationship of an Aussie gay couple is charted in based-on-a-true-story Holding The Man (above). Finally, our favorite gay bait, Nick Jonas, lands a dangerous affair with a married … [Read More...]


JOR 0119 Mediterraneo G-String Bikini

The JOR Mediterraneo G-String Bikini is low rise and super lean cut, giving you an extra cheeky look in the back that's not only sexy, but also perfect for layering under tight pants for a barely-there look. Customer Reviews There are no customer reviews for this item. … [Read More...]

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Laikakingdom Rough High Heel Unique Grenadine Rivet Decorated Peep-toe Shoes

Brand Name:Laikakingdom. Each pair of carefully polished.Every process embodies the shoe-making craftsman.The material of high quality, make your foot comfortable and feeling Fashionable and beautiful. New style designed special for 2015.The shoes are made of high quality material.This style must be best and lucky choose for your new year business and also best gift to your best friends. The package will be send out via USPS in 48 hours and … [Read More...]

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Liar, Liar Ryan Lochte on Fire

Ryan Lochte is a jerk.Earlier in the week, Ryan claimed at he and his teammates were robbed at gun point. Folks were quick to bring up Rio's current climate, saying it was bound to happen. However, it was all a lie.Ryan made it all up. Here's the scoop:Ryan Lochte lied about getting robbed at gunpoint, according to an Associated Press report, citing a Brazilian police official.The official has direct knowledge of the investigation, according to … [Read More...]

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The 10 Sexiest German Athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics!

The 10 Sexiest German Athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics! Visiting Rio? Don’t forget to download our gay guide to the Rio Olympics! Germany is ranked fourth in overall medals for the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games — not bad considering that they’re competing against 207 other countries. When it comes to overall hunkiness, they also rank very high as you’ll see below. Here’s the 10 male German competitors who are winning gold … [Read More...]

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Steven Michael’s Dance Resume

I was recently hired to choreograph a local drag entertainer for a preliminary to Miss Gay America. As I prepared for the job, creating steps and a solid concept with her, I wondered to myself why am I not pursuing this more? I have tons of experience in the industry of drag with incredible connections and priceless knowledge. I’ve danced with, for, beside and behind some of the countries top gay entertainers and female impersonators, … [Read More...]

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Hot Trailer: Moonlight

Talented director Barry Jenkins has a new movie coming out and it looks amazing! It's called Moonlight and it will premiere next month at the Toronto International Film Festival. Here’s the official synopsis:Moonlight is the tender, heartbreaking story of a young man’s struggle to find himself, told across three defining chapters in his life as he experiences the ecstasy, pain, and beauty of falling in love, while grappling with his own … [Read More...]


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