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  • The Dating Rollercoaster

    Dating, as a gay man, can seem impossible. We have all heard the constant barrage of “dating apps have ruined dating” “every just wants hook ups” “no one wants anything serious.” Well, let’s toss all that aside for a minute because guess who is throwing out those broad generalizations? Yeah, guys in the dating pool that have probably done things to manifest those statements. We can change things. It can get better! Yes, apps have changed how things are done, but we should be real – if you are on Grindr you MAY find a date, but most likely it will be just a hook up. It’s in the name of the damn app! Try venturing into apps/platforms like Tindr...

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  • I’m Still Here

  • The Very Thought Of Him

  • Launching a New Blog

  • POVD Discount

    People tend to notice what POVD is doing because these guys are always enjoying the hardcore POV porn production, and they are constantly improving on it. They first started off well by going after sexually captivating ladies who just look incredible on films. Point of view angles tend to bring out even more clearer beautiful scenes and these guys complete their production by having 3 dimensional sounds for their videos. It is a completely immersive experience to put on your headphones, click play, and watch POV movies, plus hear the delicious sounds of the 3D surround sound! New 67% off POVD Coupon 30 days for $17.95 and One Year for $9.95/mo. There are simple things to use to navigate inside the website; the main member’s page is just ...

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  • What Is Lipoatrophy?

  • mykidsgay: Defining: Intersectionality Written as a…

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