Jussie Smollett ‘FUW’ is a Blistering Anti-Trump Anthem of Rage and Resistance – WATCH

Empire actor Jussie Smollett debuted “F.U.W.” (short for “f**ked up world), a new track accompanied by a searing anti-Trump video (directed by Smollett) that captures how many are feeling under this new regime. Billboard reports: The black-and-white video features men and woman of various ethnicities and highlights injustices, from human and LGBT rights to religious and racial prejudices. A woman wears a hijab in one scene, a … [Read More...]

Joseph Nicolosi, ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Practitioner and Founder of NARTH, Dead at 70

Joseph Nicolosi, co-founder of the “ex-gay” therapy group NARTH  (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality) is dead at 70. Nicolosi died from complications from the flu, The Daily Beast reports: Nicolosi, 70, was a practitioner of conversion or reparative therapy, treatments intended to change a person’s sexual orientation that have been widely denounced by major medical associations—including the American … [Read More...]

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Bette Davis who? Jessica Lange’s real-life feud is all too real.

“I feud in my head with people. Like now I’m carrying on a feud with Kellyanne Conway — in my head. I mean the thing is, really, if you got a script as an actor, and that script came to you and they preface it by saying, ‘You’ve been offered this part.’ Your agent calls — ‘You’ve been offered this part.’ One of the most important women in the government right, you know, she’s a … [Read More...]

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Opera Review: “Idomeneo”

The first of Mozart’s operas written entirely during his adulthood, Idomeneo is a nod to an older, now unfairly ignored, operatic form, opera seria, that was undergoing intense reform at the time (1781). But it also includes innovations that point towards later Romanticism, a style that forms the core of the operatic standard repertoire as we know it today. It connects what was glorious about both ages of opera, and is a great musical glory … [Read More...]

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Lawmaker “shocked” when he goes to bathhouse and sees men having sex

A Democratic city councilman from Louisville, KY wants to shut down a private “spa” that caters to gay clientele because he’s not convinced it’s a real “spa.” At least, not the kind of “spa” he’s familiar with. Councilman David James tells WHAS-TV he has a sneaking suspicion Vapor Spa isn’t a “private all male health spa” as its website claims, but rather an … [Read More...]


JOR 0119 Mediterraneo G-String Bikini

The JOR Mediterraneo G-String Bikini is low rise and super lean cut, giving you an extra cheeky look in the back that's not only sexy, but also perfect for layering under tight pants for a barely-there look. Customer Reviews There are no customer reviews for this item. … [Read More...]

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Laikakingdom Rough High Heel Unique Grenadine Rivet Decorated Peep-toe Shoes

Brand Name:Laikakingdom. Each pair of carefully polished.Every process embodies the shoe-making craftsman.The material of high quality, make your foot comfortable and feeling Fashionable and beautiful. New style designed special for 2015.The shoes are made of high quality material.This style must be best and lucky choose for your new year business and also best gift to your best friends. The package will be send out via USPS in 48 hours and … [Read More...]

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Trump’s State Campaign Chairman found with a Young Trick at a Hotel

Lord, this tea...Trump’s state campaign chairman State Sen. Ralph Shortey was found in a hotel room with a teenage boy! Yes, he found this guy on Craigslist and this is what went down. Shortey, using the screen name “Jamie Tilley,” responded: “How much you needing?” “I need money for spring break,” the boy answered. “Tilley” responded, “I don’t really have any legitimate things I need help right now. Would you be interested in ‘sexual’ … [Read More...]

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Spain Vacation Pics Make Us Envy Him and His Hot Husband (Photos)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Spain Vacation Pics Make Us Envy Him and His Hot Husband (Photos) Most people know ginger-haired Jesse Tyler Ferguson from his role as Mitchell Pritchett, the mild-mannered but uptight gay lawyer from ABC’s sitcom Modern Family. But in real life, Ferguson married a gay lawyer named Justin Mikita and the two are making us mega-envious right about now. They’ve been married since September 2012 and while New … [Read More...]

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Wait, Did Barack Obama Just Become a Style Icon?

Wait, Did Barack Obama Just Become a Style Icon? A month and a few days out of office sure do make a difference. While president of the United States, Barack Obama always knew how to wear a suit. He wore them damn well, and that’s pretty much undeniable. But he was also known for his “mom jeans,” which despite GQ arguing otherwise, have never been cool. Just this week, though, we’ve seen a new side of Obama — a husband and … [Read More...]


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I’m Still Here

Chris and me at Golden Ears Provincial ParkI know. I know. I haven't published something here in a long time (my … [Read More...]

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