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The Question of Homosexuality DVD: A Conversation for Youth About Same-Sex Attraction

The hot button issue of our day is addressed in this powerful DVD produced by Exodus International, the leading ministry to men and women who are tempted by unwanted same-sex attractions.

Viewers will learn from the powerful testimonies of young men and women who struggled with homosexuality as teens and will also receive biblical insights on this timely topic from Scott Davis, the director of Exodus Student Ministries.

The primary 25-minute segment answers the following questions through a dynamic mix of teaching and testimonies:

  • How should we respond to friends who struggle with homosexual feelings?
  • What is homosexuality really all about?
  • What does God say about homosexuality in the Bible?
  • Can homosexuals change?

A second 15-minute segment called “Biblical Perspectives” powerfully demonstrates that God’s design for sexuality is absolutely clear throughout Scripture. It teaches that sex is a beautiful aspect of His intention for man and woman within marriage–any other sexual activity, whether premarital sex or homosexuality, goes against God’s design and is destructive to their souls.

Two 30-minute bonus segments highlight the uninterrupted testimonies of former homosexuals, Michelle Robinson and Mike Ensley. Their stories are sure to move hearts and connect with the life experiences of students who have same-sex attractions.

The Question of Homosexuality was specifically designed as a resource for youth groups, campus ministries and families in an effort to ground students in the truth about homosexuality while moving their hearts to compassion for their gay-identified peers.

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