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11 Questions You Want To Ask A Lesbian – w/ Cameron Esposito

11 Questions You Want To Ask A Lesbian - w/ Cameron Esposito

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  1. I like being out (bi) cause I just…its nice. A corny pickup line of mine
    that I don’t actually use is “Yes homo but like you’re really pretty”

  2. Matthew Gallagher

    Wait, if Ellen is the “president of lesbians” then who’s the president of
    gay men? Tyler Oakley?

  3. Easily Offended Don't Read This...

    Shrimp is labeled a sin 5 more times in the bible then homesexuality.
    Judging others for their sin was told to be the worst sin you could commit.
    So shove it up your asses you fucking judgmental high and mighty Christian

  4. guys we dont know if god exists and being gay or lesbian isnt wrong and if
    u think its wrong give me a reason even doe ur reasons doesnt make sense

  5. My only question for any lesbian I meet: how fucking gorgeous am I?

  6. I fully understand why people want to protect their children, but I don’t
    think it’s lesbians or gays are the people whom we should protect children
    from. What we should be worried about are the people who wish to take away
    scientific, social and educational advancement.

    We should be more worried if a child misses out on a university or college
    placement because they didn’t receive the proper education they deserve. We
    should be worried if a child fails to receive decent health care. And we
    should *definitely* be worried if a child doesn’t even know how to show
    basic common courtesy to other people.

    Gays and lesbians should only be a minor blip on your radar at best.
    They’re not going to hurt anybody, they’re here to stay and it’s only due
    to your under-productive imagination that makes you think that they’re a

  7. My question is, what is losing your virginity to lesbians? Is it even a
    term or do they make a big deal out of it? 

  8. Aaaaand there go my ovaries. Again.

  9. We are not arrogant as the media portrays it. We view Gay/Lesbian as an
    ill person who needs a cure. You were born with deficiencies that you ended
    up liking the same gender, which is wrong. Instead of asking yourself what
    is wrong with me, you and all the other ‘ills’ are acting as if it is
    normal. God forbidden it, the act it self is “useless” to mankind and even
    philosophically it has been attacked. Same gender sex is not right and does
    not make sense in all aspects of life. Please stop spreading your illness
    and search for a cure. God may help you.

  10. So for a straight person I find u n ur wife absolutely beautiful n very
    hot… Ur funny n ur answer crack me up… Good vid..

  11. “Hi I´m a beautiful woman *winks* ” I NEED HELP THAT JUST KILLED ME UGH

  12. The last question… Omg Cameron is hilarious!

  13. OH MY GOD THIS GIRL IS AMAZING. She is soooo funny xx

  14. I think she killed me with snark, or whatever that was beaming from her
    eyes the whole video

  15. Lmao they are hysterical does Cameron have her own youtube channel? And the
    other beautiful woman too?

  16. ולריה רוזמרין

    Gosh Cam’s girlfriend was so <3 gorge..

  17. Can we please do “ask a gay man” and have it hosted by someone like Tyler
    Oakley or Neil Patrick Harris. :0

  18. The Ellen part had me dying XD

  19. Why does she remind me of rainbow dash?

  20. People can do whatever that want but doesn’t being gay defeat the
    biological purpose of life?
    (To reproduce and have a genetic offspring)

  21. I am an asexual, homoromantic, transman, and I must say I really hate the
    question about the gay community being flamboyant, because the straight
    community is also flamboyant in their own ways.

  22. Man i love these videos

  23. Lol I knew I was a lesbian at age 10

  24. I am not a lesbian but I think she makes so many good points and keeps it
    so real. Not to mention her and her girlfriend are so pretty. 🙂 =^-^=

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