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What Doesn’t Kill You, Eventually Kills You

When GAY FOR JOHNNY DEPP’s debut full length, The Politics Of Cruelty was released in the UK in 2007, it was received to to first-class acclaim; the rare example of a hardcore band receiving positive reviews in publications such as New Music Express, Q, The Guardian and Uncut, as well as heavier rock publications such as Rock Sound, Terrorizer and Kerrang!. Instead of featuring the usual biographical material, advance copies of the album sent to the media contained a highly explicit fan letter to actor Johnny Depp, purported to be written by someone simply known as Brad. This approach was in keeping with the band’s previous promotional material, which have included bottles of amyl nitrite, surgical rubber gloves, condoms, explicit photographs and further explicit letters from Brad. The album
appeared in the NME Chart’s Top 10 throughout November of 2007 and that same month singer Marty Leopard was invited to take part
in the NME’s annual Christmas Pub Golf (highlights of the evening have subsequently appeared on the internet).

The Politics of Cruelty received airplay on all the major UK rock radio stations and quickly sold through its 7,000 copy pressing. After releasing the career spanning Manthology album (Banquet Records UK) the boys re-grouped and recorded their newest masterpiece, WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU, EVENTUALLY KILLS YOU (mixed by ALEX NEWPORT). Most bands tend to get more quiet and introspective as their career continues but it seems the opposite with les gays. WDKYEKY is their heaviest, and fiercest platter of devastation. Style and
sex never sounded this painful or delicious.

GAY FOR JOHNNY DEPP is the perfect symbiotic melding of GG Allin, Marquis De Sade, Quentin Crisp, Jeff Stryker and The Germs, and
their music clearly represents that point at which the nihilism and paranoia of the late 90s/early 00s consumer-driven milieu dissipates
and gives way to post-recession, pan-international feelings of hope, change, and more sex for everyone. Rare it is that the innovators and pioneers get recognized in their own time, yet GAY FOR JOHNNY DEPP is changing opinions concerning sexual politics, censorship, public indecency, international relations, gender and religious divisions and the capacity for the human ear to accept music at deafening volume levels one by one. At this rate the sky’s the limit. Maybe not even that.

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