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Word of the Gay: "Ghey"

"Ghey" is a postmodern redevelopment of the pejorative usage of the term gay. The term is supposed to convey a sense of being lame or uncool without offending gay people.

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Click On Over To The New JMG!

The new JMG is live right now so you can click right over and create a bookmark for But keep the old bookmark for a bit as we're going to keep this here Google-hosted version live for a day or so. After all, something could go horribly wrong during the launch and we'll want you beautiful people to come back here during the fix. Also, surprise, it's taking a rilly rilly long time to port over millions of your brilliant comments. So until your Disqus histories are finished loading onto the new site, you can still come back here and finish up this weekend's arguments. Anyway, off you go, there's a full page of new posts waiting for you.

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Reasons to celebrate trans resilience during the era of Trump

Photo credit: Alex SchmiderSegements of this article were originally published in The Student Life of the Claremont Colleges by GLAAD Campus Ambassador, Donnie TC Denome. This past Monday, November 20th was Transgender Day of Remembrance. Just like every November 20th this day was one for solemn reflection and mourning. There have been, on record, at least 23 trans people killed in the United States since the beginning of 2017. 23 moments of silence, 23 reasons to cry.But in the midst of the disaster that is the Trump administration and all the havoc it has wreaked on the trans community, we have to stay strong and look forward. We must celebrate the victories we have.Tuesday, November 7th was one of the best election days many progressives could have hoped for...

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Why can’t we ever stop talking about Russia?

I’m not saying there’s a direct connection. But it is weird. If you followed politics anytime between 2013–2015, you are certainly aware of the preponderance of stories surrounding LGBTQ rights and the Russian government’s hostility toward them. From the 2013 “gay propaganda law” to the controversies surrounding the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, to the many stories about American anti-LGBTQ activists’ acting in concert with Russian activists in order to strategize around shared concerns, there was a three year period of time where just about any domestic story that popped up about the Eurasian nation or its President, Vladimir Putin, somehow involved LGBTQ rights, either in part or in full. Firsthand stories about the frightening state of being LGBTQ in Putin’s Russia were everywhere at the time...

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